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Podcast: Justice For Steubenville

In this podcast, I’m riling up and demanding justice for everyone Steubenville – the alleged victim, the alleged suspect and every man, woman and child in the city of Steubenville. I talk about what needs to happen to fight back and who the bad guys are.


Watch : We Are Legion

Quite a good doc about Anonymous and hackivist culture. Well made, clear and linear. It’s not a movie that you’ll watch and agree with everything everyone says and that’s a virtue.

The issue of free speech comes up over and over again, so here’s what I think: there’s a difference between free speech and censoring other people’s opinions. Denial of Service attacks are a form of censorship. I don’t like Scientology or Westboro Baptist Church but taking down their websites is censorship and not free speech. I think this should be clear but apparently it’s not.

Here’s the whole thing:

A Letter From The Hacker?

My host sent me another email saying that the attack on is still ongoing. As I write this, it seems to be up.

There will be a new site that reproduces the text of all my blog posts from the last two years, for archival /reference purpose. I expect some stuff to be broken but the text should all be there. The site will be at  LeeStranahanCC

TPDATE: The CC site is up and I’m impressed with how much stuff is working!

And I got the following email from someone named at 2:42am Central. This is the email in its entirety.

I heard you dont like your site down? You know what to do.

8 hours & resumes.


Feds Aint Got Shit On Me

But here’s the irony: I do not, in fact, “know what to do”. The email doesn’t tell me.

Resolved: this is the worst ransom note ever. Certainly the worst one I’ve gotten today.

Also, where did CigarX hear I don’t like my site down? I’ve been hyper productive since it was attacked. I don’t respond well to threats. As Chuck D said, When I get mad, I put it down on a pad. Huh – give ya something that ya never had.

But it’s 2012. So it’s an iPad, yo.

Two Other Interesting Things About The Hacker Attack

Let me mention two pieces of information about the attack on my site. I think they help explain why I think people affiliated with Neal Rauhauser are associated with these criminal attacks.

1) In addition to information about Kimberlin, the hackers seemed to be interested in information related to Anthony Weiner. Specifically:

       Count:       18 / 00.13%     Referer:
       Count:       16 / 00.12%     Referer:
       Count:       13 / 00.10%     Referer:

2) They make a very specific reference to someone else involved in this story that Rauhauser recently targeted.

I’ll make this information available to any bona fide journalist. It’s already been reported to law enforcement.

Add: Patterico’s take. 

Update On The Hacker Attack Against My Site

The criminal attack on my website continued all night. I got this note from my web host:

It appears that the attack is still ongoing at this time; however, it has lessened in intensity by a substantial margin. We will revisit this issue again in the near future, to ensure that the attack has not changed vectors, or otherwise worsened.

Right now, is up but I’m going to keep posting here at In Exile in order to thwart the hacker’s goal — to stop the flow of information.

I’m not posting everything I’ve received, but you can see here that the hackers were specifically targeting Kimberlin related information.

Top 10 Request Strings: Count:     6367 / 46.61%     Request: POST /
 Count:     5575 / 40.81%     Request: POST /wp-login.php
 Count:      853 / 06.24%     Request: POST /xmlrpc.php
 Count:      247 / 01.81%     Request: POST /wp-comments-post.php
 Count:      138 / 01.01%     Request: POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
 Count:       64 / 00.47%     Request: POST /kimberlinfaq/wp-comments-post.php

Attack Update

Just got this from my web host:

The attack is still on going at this time however the method we are mitigating it with should allow you to access the site.

And is currently up, which is how I’m grabbing posts from it. But I’ll keep blogging here for a bit, I think.