A Letter From The Hacker?

My host sent me another email saying that the attack on LeeStranahan.com is still ongoing. As I write this, it seems to be up.

There will be a new site that reproduces the text of all my blog posts from the last two years, for archival /reference purpose. I expect some stuff to be broken but the text should all be there. The site will be at  LeeStranahanCC .wordpress.com

TPDATE: The CC site is up and I’m impressed with how much stuff is working!

And I got the following email from someone named CigarX@tormail.com at 2:42am Central. This is the email in its entirety.


I heard you dont like your site down? You know what to do.

8 hours & resumes.


Feds Aint Got Shit On Me

But here’s the irony: I do not, in fact, “know what to do”. The email doesn’t tell me.

Resolved: this is the worst ransom note ever. Certainly the worst one I’ve gotten today.

Also, where did CigarX hear I don’t like my site down? I’ve been hyper productive since it was attacked. I don’t respond well to threats. As Chuck D said, When I get mad, I put it down on a pad. Huh – give ya something that ya never had.

But it’s 2012. So it’s an iPad, yo.


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