Flashback: Structure Of The Anonymous Steubenville Op

After the trial proved that nearly everything Anonymous / LocalLeaks said about blatantly false, suddenly there was a lot of revisionist history. People started saying that Anonymous wasn’t REALLY involved in the Steubenville operation and that LocalLeaks had nothing to do with Anonymous and other blatant falsehoods.

I take you back to Christopher Doyon aka Commander X interviewed on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman

X: I think, to begin with, it’s important to understand that this action involved three separate entities that are overlapping and coordinated, but separate. The cyber-action, which involved the hacking and the various other cyber-aspects, were conducted by Anonymous in a very specific cell within Anonymous known as KnightSec. And then the ground protests, which were—took place on two Saturdays in a row—this last Saturday and the one before—were handled by Occupy Steubenville, so that was their responsibility. And then the third sort of part of the puzzle was the Local Leaks, which is the disclosure platform that we have, which released a great—just a copious amount of information on this case.

Own it, people.


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