Prinnie Did WUT? Alexandria Goddard’s Premeditated Sexual Assault Confession

Hi. I’m back.

Months ago, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine convened a grand jury in Steubenville. At that point, i decided to sit back and let that develop and take a break from Steubenville blogging. I could not have predicted that September would roll around and there’d be no end in sight. But, here we are. And no end is in sight. So, I’ve decided to pick up blogging, anyway.

I also did a new Radio Stranahan show about Steubenville today: you can listen here.

A month ago, a major article came out in the New Yorker by Ariel Levy entitled Trail By Twitter. It was deeply researched-must be nice to have those New Yorker travel budgets-and got a lot of the story right. Not all of it, but a lot and certainly more than most. It also confirmed what I’d been reporting here on this blog for months; that the Steubenville narrative as told by Anonymous and Prinnie aka Alexandria Goddard was almost all totally wrong and that terrorized both citizens and officials in Steubenville.

Alexandria Goddard aka Prinnie is the person most responsible for the vicious lies spread about Steubenville and its citizens. She pushed the false story, at first on her blog and later on countless national TV and print interviews. They have her blog millions of dollars in free advertising and promoted her as a champion of free speech and indie journalism.

The real Alexandria Goddard is a vicious, bitter liar.

One stunner in the article has gone almost completely unnoticed by the media that was so intent on crying ‘rape culture!’ at the town of Steubenville–Alexandra Goddard’s blunt, vile confession to planned sexual assault.

In my trips to Steubenville, I had heard the stories about Alexandria Goddard supposedly exacting on a man. The stories sounded too crazy to be true. Several independent sources told me that years ago, she and a friend tricked a guy into coming to their apartment under the guise of a threesome, then tied him down and proceeded to shove a bottle of hot sauce into his rectum. They said that Prinnie bragged about this and the story was well known around town.

I didn’t report it at the time. As I said, it sound too crazy. Even though my sources were solid and had proven dependable…really? Luring a guy? Hot sauce? Really? 

In the New Yorker piece, Alexandria Goddard confirms the basics of the story in her own words. Some details are changed, probably because Prinnie learned the definition of rape in Ohio includes penetration. That means if the story Prinnie admitted to others was true, Alexandria Goddard was a rapist under Ohio law.

Here’s the key paragraph from the New Yorker. It’s an amazing confession.

Once, a guy in town tried to force himself on a friend of hers, so Goddard devised a retaliatory scheme. They lured the man to her house under the pretext of having sex, and, after he took off his clothes, “I had a bottle of habanero sauce we used at the bar for wing night, and I lightly basted his junk,” Goddard said. In her recollection, they threw him out on the street, naked, in the cold. “It was snowing like hell, and he had to walk a very long way,” she said. “All the guys at the mill were talking about it. After that, men were scared of us for a very long time.”

This is a person with deep issues. Much more on this coming….



  1. Sick of it

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. A lot of these insane leftists feel that only whites can be racist, so why not also claim that only men can be rapists (regardless of what state law says)…

    These people are part of the cancer that “killed” Anonymous and associated websites. Keep reporting on her, a good portion of the internet already hates them, and they don’t even know these sort of details!

  2. Granny George

    she is and always has been a wannabe…she is a liar and needs money so she will print and lie to get in the media..

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