Atlantic Wire Lies Part Five : At A Party

More confounded lies from the Atlantic Wire and writer Alexander Abad-Santos, who wrote:

On August 22, Mays and Richmond were arrested on charges of rape and kidnapping. The kidnapping charge has been dropped, and Mays is also facing a charge involving illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material. (Defense attorneys did not respond to requests for comment from The Atlantic Wire.)

Why only those two? They were at a party, right? And there were all those tweets? 

Well, word spread among the students at or around the party quickly, and as the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported, “Before the 16-year-old girl’s parents reported the crime to Steubenville police, many of the online posts had been deleted — or so students thought.”

To be fair, this is a really common error.

The sexual assaults didn’t happen at a party. They happened 1) in a car and 2) at a house where Mays, Richmond, the victim and three other boys were. It was party. It was a place then went after everyone was kicked out of the party at the Belardine house and then the group was kicked out of the Howarth house.

This also gives lie to the idea that they are scads of ‘witnesses’ who didn’t come forward. They weren’t other witnesses to the crime.


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