Flashback: Ms. Magazine Never Retracted This

Another example –there are hundreds–of how well known, ‘respected’ media hyped up the Steubenville rape case and never retracted their errors. Shame on writer Michael Kimmel: 

The two players who are charged with raping the girl, and the several other players who allegedly participated, are surrounded in a protective bubble. Their fathers steadfastly stand by their sons. Their coaches wonder what the girl might have been wearing and why she got so drunk, suggesting it might have been a case of buyers’ remorse–as if she wanted to pass out and be urinated on and have an iron rod shoved inside her, but then perhaps thought better of it in the sober light of day. The police apparently covered up the crime to protect the boys. And, of course, the community rallied behind the boys, fearing that–gasp!–“their” football team might have a dark cloud hanging over it.

Urinated on? Cover-up? Iron rod? None of it happened.

Zero accountability in the media.


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