They Hate Free Speech So They Hacked

My website has been hacked / attacked / shellacked / whatever.

I got this note from my web host:

While monitoring the servers, it was brought to our attention that your domain,, was undergoing a brute force attack. The purpose of the attack was meant to gain access to your wp-admin area, allowing an authorized person to have complete control of your site.

You may have been experiencing 500 errors while viewing your site as the frequency of the connections was extremely high.

and then

The attacker modified their attack method after we implemented the password protection mentioned in our earlier reply so we were forced to add some firewall rules in order to mitigate this attack further. The current requests that we are blocking all follow the following pattern as shown in your access logs:

And it goes on to show they were trying to do blog posts.

Good luck trying to stop speech on the internet.



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