Who Is “Team Kimberlin”?

I throw around the term Team Kimberlin, especially on Twitter and since it hasn’t made the OED or Wikipedia yet, let’s define our terms.

Team Kimberlin is a loose affiliation of people who share five things in common:

  1. They defend serial bomber Brett Kimberlin in a dishonest way, using arguments that Kimberlin himself has used.
  2. They are in the orbit of Kimberlin ‘sassociate and dirty tricks operative Neal Rauhauser.
  3. They have a common set of enemies that they attack on social media or blog posts. These enemies include Patrick Frey, Liberty Chick / Mandy Nagy, Aaron Walker, R.S. McCain, Ali Akbar, Brandon Darby, James O’Keefe, Seth Allen, Heather Chase, Imani Gandi, the late Andrew Breitbart and me. Note that the list of enemies includes people on the left and right, plus family members including wives, husbands, and children.
  4. They communicate with each other frequently and share information, both publicly and privately.
  5. They engage in consistent dishonest attacks against their enemies that use tactics like disinformation, concern trolling and accuse the accuser.

Note that I said ‘loose affiliation’. It’s not a tight organization but a fluid one. There are not membership cards or mugs or T-Shirts. There isn’t even a shared ideology beyond the five things I pointed out on the list. Most – but not all – have liberal political leaning. Some – but not all – have connections to the Occupy movement or to parts of Anonymous

Who’s On Team Kimberlin?

  • Brett Kimberlin
  • Neal Rauhauser
  • Unknown / @OccupyRebellion
  • Unknown / @nicolegennette
  • Bill Schmalfeldt / @LiberalGrouch
  • Matt Edelstein / @Shoq
  • Karoli Kuns / @Karoli
  • Matt Osborne / @OsborneInk
  • Rebecca D / @Beccas43
  • Melissa Brewer / @CatsRImportant
  • Brooks Bayne / @BrooksBayne
  • Unknown / @XCitizen10
  • Lane Lipton / @Qritic
  • Nadia Naffe


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