Update On The Hacker Attack Against My Site

The criminal attack on my LeeStranahan.com website continued all night. I got this note from my web host:

It appears that the attack is still ongoing at this time; however, it has lessened in intensity by a substantial margin. We will revisit this issue again in the near future, to ensure that the attack has not changed vectors, or otherwise worsened.

Right now, LeeStranahan.com is up but I’m going to keep posting here at In Exile in order to thwart the hacker’s goal — to stop the flow of information.

I’m not posting everything I’ve received, but you can see here that the hackers were specifically targeting Kimberlin related information.

Top 10 Request Strings: Count:     6367 / 46.61%     Request: POST /
 Count:     5575 / 40.81%     Request: POST /wp-login.php
 Count:      853 / 06.24%     Request: POST /xmlrpc.php
 Count:      247 / 01.81%     Request: POST /wp-comments-post.php
 Count:      138 / 01.01%     Request: POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
 Count:       64 / 00.47%     Request: POST /kimberlinfaq/wp-comments-post.php

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