5 Weird GoPro Videos You Probably Haven’t Seen

My son got a GoPro HD camera for Christmas and he digs it. It’s actually a great kid’s camera because it’s pre indestructible. After seeing the Fireman Helmet Cam video, I went looking for some GoPro stuff that wasn’t the usual amazing stuff you see on their demo reel, which has 14,000,000+ views as I write this.

I looked for weird stuff that was cool but only had a few hundred views at most. Here’s what I found…

1) Art Fair Hula Cam

Inspired by the Hula Hoop Eye view of scantily dressed ladies at Burning Man, this video is the same idea…different costumes. Still hypnotic.

2) Big Wheel Race

A regular event in San Francisco, made all the better with the GoPro.

3) Car Wash

Mundane and yet it occured to me as soon as I saw the GoPro HD waterproof housing. Glad someone else did it.

4) Off Road Unicycle


5) Dual Camera Roller Coaster

The Goliath at Magic Mountain in California has one of the biggest, most insane drops of any coaster in the world. This dual camera view shows two guys who are way, way into it.

BONUS: Exteme Pogo Stick

More than just GoPro and a bunch of views so it didn’t make the list here but I found it in my research and you’ve got to see it to believe it.


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