Bipartisan Move To Update Awful California Rape Law

I’m going to be writing about the horrible situation with the Steuebenville rape case in Ohio, so this caught my eye,

Via LAist

This week a state appeals court in Los Angeles ruled that a rape did not occur when a man in Cerritos crawled into a sleeping woman’s bed, pretending to be her boyfriend. The court said that this exact situation would be called rape if the victim were married and she had been duped into believing the man was her husband. But the court said its hands were tied and urged the legislature to change the law.

On Friday, three California lawmakers did just that. Assemblymen Jimmy Gomez, Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian and state Sen. Noreen Evans all vowed to close the legal loophole that treats married and unmarried victims the same, according to the Sacramento Bee.

And LAist has more details here

She was awoken that night by Morales. The woman told police that she woke up only once Morales was attempting intercourse. Morales testified that he woke her up by kissing her on the cheek first. He admits that she probably assumed he was her boyfriend. When a light shone into the room and she noticed it was not her boyfriend, the woman pushed him away. She says that he continued assaulting her even as she pushed him away. Morales says he left on his own and doesn’t remember being pushed away.

But because he pretended to be her boyfriend and not her husband the law says it doesn’t count because….WHAT? There still might be a conviction to be had but it’s good to see Republicans like Assemblyman Achadjian involved.


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