The Trial’s Over: Now Can We Talk About Drinking, Hookup Culture & Social Media?

Now that the legal part is over and Richmond and Mays have been convicted, can we start to have a conversation about what led up to this event that was a life-altering disaster for so many people?

I mean an honest-to-goodness conversation about it where kids and parents can tell the truth about what’s going; not just in Steubenville, but everywhere?

Can we talk about what’s leading to blackout drinking and train parties? Can we acknowledge that things are very very different today then they were for the parents of these kids? Can we do this without calling girls sluts? Can we do this without pretending that girls don’t bear any responsibility for themselves? Can we talk the messages shows like MTV’s Buckwild send without trying to censor anybody?

Can we?

I really don’t know. You tell me. Let’s try.


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