Rape Culture: India

I believe that the horrific, brutal gang-rape in India that led a woman’s death last year is part of what brought on the media onslaught about Steubenville. In the wake of that, the media wanted to find an American equivalent and the hyped-up, LocaLeaks version of the Steubenville story seemed to fit.

The problem is that the two crimes aren’t the same. The crimes may both rape but I challenge anyone to seriously equate what happened in Ohio what happened in India.

I say this not to trivialize rape in any way. In fact, equating the two cases makes what happened in India trivial. This is part of why I reject the “Rape Culture” meme that comes up in so many Steubenville stories; it’s false equivalence.

Rape is serious and ghastly, which is why it’s so awful that it has been politicized in the past year as part of the 2012 election cycle. The term ‘rape apologist’ has been used so much and so inappropriately that it has lost all meaning; another linguistic victim of politically correct sloganeering.

Here’s a 30 minute documentary on real rape culture in the country of India.


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