Atlantic Wire Lies Part Three: Prosecutor’s Son

More lies from the Atlantic Wire and writer Alexander Abad-Santos, who wrote:

So is the country prosecutor trying to get her son and his teammates off the hook?

That’s one of many new alleged details Anonymous and Local Leaks claim they have evidence of, in a document dump that started Wednesday, which they’re calling The Steubenville Files. We detailed the findings already, and we’re not sure of their sourcing, but their leaks suggest that the football coach and the country Sheriff are friends. And even though the boys will now be tried as juveniles, they allege that Saccoccia has ties in the juvenile court system.

Prosecutor Jane Hanlin’s son was never on the hook. He had nothing to do with the assaults in any way, shape or form. Wasn’t there, wasn’t a witness, nothing.

So, no — the question itself is flawed. It suddenly implies guilt based on nothing and then posits a cover-up of the thing that wasn’t true.

Further, Hanlin is the one who helped gathered the evidence that convicted Mays and Richmond.

Further, when the Abad-Santos says ‘we’re not sure of their sourcing’ he should have stopped right there, really.


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