The Atlantic Wire Lies Part Two: Cover-Up

More lies from the Atlantic Wire and writer Alexander Abad-Santos:

Wait, is this some sort of cover-up?

Well, that’s why the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous — and, more specifically, one of its  cells known as Knightsec — got involved. The hackers, and their partners at the site Local Leaks, are “giving a voice to the victim of this horrible crime” by rounding up new information that the police haven’t been able to — or at least that hasn’t been made publicly available in advance of next month’s trial. They seem to believe that there are more people involved, that there are more victims, that the accused are getting special treatment because they are football players, and that there’s a bigger group of boys involved, which Anonymous has dubbed the “Rape Crew.” Oh, and they’ve set up Occupy Steubenville protests too.

Anonymous didn’t add one single new piece of information that brought about a conviction or was even raised at trial. The police had EVERYTHING that Anonymous ‘revealed’ before the arrests. Nobody defending Anonymous can name ever one thing they added to the case except ‘public awareness’ and total pack of lies on LocalLeaks.

This story from October in the Herald Star shows that the local press revealed a large amount of relevant information. So did local TV.

There’s no ‘rape crew’, either.

No cover-up from Steubenville law enforcement or from the media.

And no retraction from Abad-Santos.



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