The Atlantic Wire Lies Part One: Coach Didn’t Bench Mays And Richmond

In their piece back in January titled Everything You Need to Know About Steubenville High’s Football ‘Rape Crew’, The Atlantic Wire got so much wrong — and they still haven’t retracted or corrected. Let’s start with a short one. The Atlantic Wire write Alexander Abad Santos said:

Why do they think there’s a cover-up, exactly?

For starters, Steubenville High head coach Reno Saccoccia didn’t even bench the players involved.

This would seem to indicate that Mays and Richmond got to play football.


They were arrested the day before school started and held until the probable cause hearing.

Other players ‘involved’ were benched right before the playoffs, after they admitted that they were involved.

This is from October and please note : MONTHS before Anonymous or the New York Times were involved.

Three Steubenville High School athletes who testified Friday in a juvenile court probable cause hearing against two fellow athletes charged with rape were suspended Monday by the school district from participating in extracurricular activities.

Steubenville City Schools Superintendent Mike McVey said two of the students play football and one is a wrestler. McVey said the incident, which resulted in criminal charges in juvenile court, happened during the football season.

These are basic facts, easily researched. Atlantic Wire didn’t care.


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