Wording Of Threat To Jane Doe Came From Rap Lyrics

Amid the hyped up atmosphere of violence surrounding the Steubenville rape case since Anonymous got involved last Decemeber, Tashema Harris of Steubenville, originally from Chicago, was arrested yesterday for making threats agains the victim. Harris is convicted rapist Ma’lik Richmond’s cousin. Harris said on her now suspended Twitter account:


The wording of threat comes almost word for word from the song Traumatized by rapper Meek Mill from his album Dreams and Nightmares.

9RpMlHope you hear me, I’mma kill you nigga
To let you know that I don’t feel you nigga
Yeah, you ripped my family apart and made my momma cry
So when I see you nigga it’s gon’ be a homicide
Cuz I was only a toddler, you left me traumatized

Meek Mill aka Robert Williams is a Philadelphia rapper who has his own set of problem. Here’s on parole stemming from a 2008 drug and gun conviction and his parole officer seems to think he may have violated it.

Though Meek has to travel for work, which includes concerts, music videos and meetings, the Philadelphia MC also admitted that he feels a heightened sense of fear being in his hometown. “My best thing is to stay traveling,” Meek said during the hearing. “Every time I come back to Philadelphia, someone tries to shoot me or get me back in trouble.


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