Podcast: Steubenville Resident Jill Watkins

Steubenville resident Jill Watkins went on the Dr. Phil show to stand up for the truth.

Her son helped the police investigation that led to the conviction of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond.

In the wake of the town quickly arresting two people who threatened the victim, you need to hear the story of what’s happened to the entire town.

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One comment

  1. ssrugervaquero

    That’s funny because on the show she was adamant the victim was lying. Her position was not that her son was helping convict the boys it was the exact opposite?? I don’t believe she should be threatened but you are not accurately portraying any of this story and that is typical of your reporting on the Steubenville case. Consistently trying to portray it in a way that takes the emphasis off the fact a 16 year old was raped and abused by two Steubenville minors. This lady went on that show and made an ass of herself. If she was why hasnt the sheriff arrested anyone yet like they did the two juveniles threatening the victim??? I smell bullshit.

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