Frank Bruzzese: Steubenville Officials Nailed The Case In Days

With the successful prosecution of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, will the Steubenville authorities now get the credit they deserve?

Assistant prosecutor Frank Bruzzese told me “I watched for eight months as bloggers and the national media spun stories made out of nothing.  This trial shows there’s not one shred of evidence that local officials hadn’t gathered in the first few days.”

The case was aggressively prosecuted by Jane Hanlin, who recused herself and handed the case over the Ohio Attorney General’s office after actively helping to coordinate gathering evidence and then having Mays and Richmond arrested the night before school started. Ironically, Hanlin was the subject of vicious attacks accusing her and other law enforcement of covering up the crime. In fact, it was work of Hanlin and other Steubenville law enforcement that led to the conviction.


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