Steubenville: Still No Defense Case, Yet The Convictions Are Already In

The Steubenville rape case trial continues with a ton of text messages and all important testimony from witnesses to the alleged assault like Mark Cole and Evan Westlake. The prosecution hasn’t rested nor has the defense made it’s case yet.

No matter; many in the media, bloggers and people on social media have already chimed in with their guilty verdicts.

Not me.

Watching the testimony as best as I can while covering another story–I’m in Maryland at CPAC right now–I see a mix of information. I can see a case for a guilty verdict but I can also see that some evidence is being twisted again by people who want vigilante justice.

There’s a phrase: “The jury is still out.” Right now, even that is premature to say.

If you’re watching and not trying to keep an open mind, you’re not approaching this honestly. And shame on you.


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