Steubenville Trial Day One: Drinking

One issue that Steubenville case commenters have asked : where did the booze come from and why aren’t adults being charged? Day one of the trial brings some answers.

1) Jane Doe brought a bottle of vodka with her when her mother dropped her off at her friend Julia’s house at 3pm, Julia / Witness #1 testifiedyesterday. It was a ‘medium sized’ bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla that Jane and Julia drank mixed with blue Slushies from Speedway in 44 ounce cups.

Jane also played beer pong. Nobody testified where the beer came from..

2) How about the ‘second party’ at the Howarth house, where the Howarth parents were present? From testimony yesterday there was no drinking at the second party. Three witnesses all said there was no booze there, which is why some people left and went to Party #1.


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