Steubenville Rape Trial Day One Witnesses

I was at the trial here in Steubenville all day yesterday. My main focus on Steubenville remains media criticism, so I’m going to a few posts where I compare the media’s reporting to what I heard in the courtroom.

There were six witnesses yesterday; I’m just going to use their first names in most cases because they are minors. I’ll make an exception for Jake Howarth because his name has already been put out there, including totally false accusations that he had anything to do with anything criminal happening and also because the Howarth House was the location of ‘party two’; the small gathering of kids that the victim and suspects were at for twenty minutes.

I’m going to use the name Jane Doe or Jane to talk about the alleged victim,

The Witnesses

Witness #1 – Julia : Friend of Jane. Lives across the street from the first party. Jane arrived at her house at 3pm with bottle of vodka. Was supposed to stay at her house. Went with Jane to party. Jane pulled away to go with Trent. Julia followed events on social media and tried to phone Jane. Picked up Jane and defendants the next morning. She Jane did not remember what had happened.  Also said Jane was crying after dropping off defendants but defense attorney Madison said she did not make this claim in earlier statements to police.

Witness #2 – Alayna : Jake Howarth’s girlfriend. Was at Party #2 and saw Jane there. Said Jane was not ‘passed out.’

Witness #3 – Jake Howarth : Party #2 was at his house. He saw Jane there and throwing up in the street.

Witness #4 – Pat : Was at Howarth’s, friend of Jake’s. Saw Jane throwing up in the street; he is also the source of the comment about peeing on Jane. When she was throwing up in the street, he offered $3 for someone to pee on Jane–as a joke, he testified, that he was embarrassed about

Witness #5 – Police Officer – handled phone evidence

Wtiness #6 – Police Officer  – handled DNA





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