Steubenville Haters Get No Love From Me Today

Sorry, call it a bad mood but I’m really sick of crappy journalists today. I’m in Steubenville right now. Talked to some great people last night, again. I have a sore throat, a runny noses and I’m overtired and cranky. So, NOT patient with the Steubenville hate-fest. Just not having it today.

Not having it. No sir. Nuh uh.

Here’s part of a piece I wrong about the media massacre happening here.

Based on the false anti-law enforcement narrative promoted by America hating  anarchist Commander X,  the left-wing blogs and mainstream media accounts describe a number of horrific (but untrue) details of the alleged crime and most raise the specter of a conspiracy and cover-up by local officials. However, most of the claims made by the LocalLeaks are in direct conflict with accounts given by prosecution witnesses during a probable cause hearing in November, 2012.

This news disinformation campaign about Steubenville has had real consequences on the small Ohio town, which has been terrorized by a series of violent threats, releases of personal information and intimidation that has caused stress and led at one point to local schools being put on lockdown . The media assault has left many Steubenville residents stunned, angry and suddenly skeptical of news sources they used to trust.

Some residents have asked me in the course of my work whether I thought the media would retract and correct the numerous errors they’ve made. Of course, the answer is no — the media won’t correct the errors, they’ll just move on to the next story.


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