Quick Example Of The Atlantic Wire’s Dishonest Reporting

Not to put too fine a point on, the Atlantic Wire–which is now describing the “brutal gang rape” as “date rape”==has been noteworthy in their awful dishonesty.

Here’s an example from their January article Everything You Need To Know About The Steubenville High Football ‘Rape Crew’

Is anyone questioning the two boys’ guilt?

Yes. About half the town of Steubenville, actually. Five months later, locals are still blaming the alleged victim for bringing the attack upon herself — she has been referred to on Facebook as “train whore”:

Really? Half the town? Any citation for that claim? Half of Steubenville is blaming the victim?

And that comment about ‘train whore’…that same from a woman from West Virginia, not Steubenville. 

The whole goal is to gin up hatred of Steubenville, not get the facts right. Appalling.


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