More Thoughts On The Motion To Dismiss

As I think more about the Motion To Dismiss, it could a real issue. Here’s why.

I was at the last hearing in the case about six weeks agos and one of the issues raised by Ma’lik Richmond’s attorney Walker Madison was a continuence to postpone the trial from its original date of February 13th. That motion was granted and trial was moved to March 13th.

One of Madison’s reasons, stated in open court, was ‘three witnesses’ that the defense said they had just been made aware of.

Are these the same ‘three witnesses’ whose testimony the judge won’t be hearing because of the Kentucky’s judges ruling.

If so, this could be issue because the judge was already aware of the defense feeling they were important to their case and already ruled in favor of pushing back the trial date. So while I consider a total dismissal unlikely, the last minute ruling in West Virginia possibly push the trial yet again.

And if the trial does go on, it’s sure to be an issue on appeal if there’s a guilty verdict.


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