Let The Coach Speak

One immediate takeaway from the ESPN story on the Steubenville rape case– it continues the false ‘football culture’ narrative that Alexandria Goddard came up with and it continues the utterly false stories against coach Reno Saccoccia, including presenting the story that the coach did the players a favor by suspending them right before the playoffs.

The school still won’t let Coach Reno talk. This is a huge mistake and it’s costing the whole city.



  1. The Transparent Cube

    You’re absolutely right, Lee….though I didn’t know it was the school behind Reno’s deafening silence. The fact that Reno HASN’T been more outspoken about what has been said regarding all of this IS a HUGE mistake. That being said, his mother passed within the last week and a half. Whether it was because of a long illness or not, I’m not sure. Maybe he’s been occupied with family issues, understandably….but he really needs to speak out and up.

  2. manman

    More significant from the ESPN video was the comment, about standing up to do the right thing; to paraphrase “Teach your kids to do the right thing. If one kid had stood up and done the right thing, we wouldn’t be talking about this.”

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