Trouble Begins: A 16 Year Old Girl SMEARED By LocalLeaks

Nicole Lamantia is on fire!

First, she released a video announcing her intent to Take Back The Ville and now this post setting the record straight on a girl named Mackenzie Santoro was accused of criminal activity by the real criminals of #OpRollRedRoll. Her picture and name were posted and now she’s a Google casualty of the the LocalLeaks crew…but fighting back with the help of Nicole and the citizens of Steubenville.

Read : Trouble Begins.




  1. Aaron

    I don’t understand why LocalLeaks, #anonymous, #knightsec, @kyanonymous, and @justbatcat (etc) claim to care SO MUCH for Jane Doe….yet have no problem hurting other young females. It’s such hypocrisy.

  2. Black Betty

    You know, so much of this seemed pretty funny to me. Like the elderly Mr. Doyon and his merry band of sooper-secret interwebz spies. Or Frankie “I Shot Sheriff” Francis and his ever-growing rap sheet. And of course, KYanonymous and his…well, his name. I mean the whole thing seemed to be run by a crew driving around in a clown car.

    But this. Yeah this…not so much.

    In the end, Steubenville is the quintessential case for why vigilantism and this anonymous group who have perpetrated it, are evils in our society that must be dealt with by law enforcement officials. It’s also a classic example of how the education system has failed our society. Critical thinking has been eradicated from the classroom. People read something and believe it without question. Without researching it. Knowing full well, that it came from the internet. Where anyone can say anything. Congratulations, sheep. Prepare for your shearing. It’s been a long time since Duke.

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