MUST READ: LocalLeaks Host Commander X Makes Crazy Anti-Governent Rant

Why is the LocalLeaks site run by Christopher Doyon aka Commander X full of vicious slander against law enforcement? Why doesn’t he care about the damage he’s causing to Steubenville and even to the legal case of the alleged victim? I’ve been saying for a few weeks that a Commander X is most likely just a complete agent of chaos, who has no problem publishing lies and rumors given to him by people with a grudge against Steubenville because he just wants destruction for the sake of destruction.

Does that sound a bit dramatic? Does anyone really think like that?

Yes, Christopher Doyon aka Commander X does. Look at this rant against all law enforcement. He doesn’t care about Steubenville because he wants to literally bring down the whole country. Seriously.




  1. Black Betty

    What did I say? Professional dick.

    I realize that Mr. Doyon believes that all who serve their county deserve to be burned at the stake, but what if he’s wrong? Consider the hypocrasy of his beliefs. He expects others to abide by laws he doesn’t feel abliged to obey himself. He condemns war and yet he terrorizes innocents. He claims to be peaceful, but his words are violent and he espouses violence and he commits violence.

    This is who you follow anon. This is your leader. This is the man heading up your Steubenville Operation. Right up there. Read it. That’s what you are involved with. A terrorist. An arsonist. This is the brush you will be painted with. This is you now.

  2. Aaron

    Does anyone else find it really funny (in a sad way) that this loser Doyon is probably sitting in a Starbucks on his little Dell laptop in Canada ranting about “bringing down” the “USA empire”? What a loser. Why would he want to help Jane Doe if she’s a member of this evil USA empire? What if she was a police officer or a soldier? Would he want to help her or “destroy” her? Decisions decisions, eh “Commander X”. (Even that name is hilariously pathetic. Somebody watched too many spy movies…)

  3. Aaron

    There was another Commander X tweet that you missed where he claimed he wants the world to exist in complete anarchy. (???)

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