#OccupySteubenville / Frankie Francis’s Outstanding Warrant

It seems so.

Back in 2005, the #OccupySteubenville community leader Frankie Francis has a conviction for Telephone Harassment


If I’m reading this right, he owed the court money; $435.50. He didn’t pay it, so in 2006 a bench warrant is issued.

Cut to January 4th, 2013 and now in the spotlight, suddenly Frankie is interested in clearing the warrant. So he writes a letter and send in $20.


That warrant could have gotten him picked up any time. It had already fallen through the cracks of his other arrests, apparently.

So, seven years later and he’s paid $20. At this rate, he’ll be paid off in about 147 years. You’re welcome, Ohio!




  1. Black Betty

    Telephone harrasment? Is that like stalking? Or is that like prank calling business establishments and ordering pizzas that you don’t intend to pay for?

    So intriguing…

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