The REAL Issue In The Steubenville Story That Has Been Brushed Aside

I was looking so many people at this point on all sides of the issue of Steubenville and there is something on people’s minds that his not been addressed because of the massive distraction that the campaign of lies about the case has swept aside. So for the purposes of this post, completely set the legal case aside here. This is not about guilt or innocence or anything to do with that incident of August 12th.

There is a serious, nationwide problem involving teenage drinking and hook up culture.

It’s a discussion worth having is something that everyone I spoke with in Steubenville agrees it’s important. And it’s obviously not just an issue in Steubenville.

There’s been a cultural shift and it’s impacting teenagers today. The mainstreaming of stripper/sex tape/porn star culture seems to have finally pushed activities that were previously not discussed or considered for consenting adults only into the lives of America’s children. MTV shows like Jersey Shore and Buckwild  glamorize constant parties with red solo cups, hooking up and fighting. Now add in social media and the constant presence of smart phones with cameras, and you have an incendiary mix

Teenagers are actively pursuing sexual activities in a way that is almost impossible for parents to fully grasp. The idea that teenage girls and boys would be not just casual about sex but also casual about recording it and sharing those images with their friends isn’t something that is easy for adult to acknowledge.

I don’t think we should chase this issue back into the shadows by simply lecturing or making broad moral pronouncements. Those remedies may come later but the firth thing is needed is some honest, open discussion about what’s actually going on out there.

In the fictional hysteria drummed up in the Steubenville case, this issue has been ignored. All the distracting talk about “football culture” or even the hyperfocus on the city of Steubenville itself has thus far derailed any possibility of an actual discussion on this issue. Instead, the focus is been necessarily on answering wild accusations.

It’s not too late to redirect the media attention on Steubenville into something positive. Today, thought? We’re still at a point in the story, however, the priority right now has to be on debunking the lies, rumors and the motivations behind them. Let’s clear up the mess and discuss the real issue.


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