Nodi Video Shocker: Did He Know He Was Being Recorded?

The Michael Nodianos video has the been the object of universal scorn. Although it is irrelevant to the legal case, according to the prosecutor, everyone has been disgusted that 18 year Nodiamous would make such a video and post it on YouTube.

Except — it seems like that might not be what happened.

Statement by other students involved in the incident, including prosecution witnesses Mark Cole and Anthony Craig, indicate that the video was made without Mr. Nodianos’s knowledge or consent by Evan Westlake. Westlake is also the one who posted the video the YourTube, which caused immedite outrage among his peers. The video was removed shortly afterwards.

In a very real way, the video directly led to the arrest of Steubenville rape case suspects Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays. After the alleged victim’s parents saw the video and other social media talking about their daughter, they went to the police understandably alarmed.

If it’s true that Mr. Nodianos may not have ever anticipated that his crude comments and jokes would ever be seen by anyone may give the video a different perspective who wondered how he could do such a thing.



    • stranahan

      Totally valid point; I don’t think it indicates that Nodianos thought the video would be put up on YouTube, however.

  1. Bambi

    Bullshit, the person recording it said he was going to “watch this everyday” So how did he not know he was being recorded???

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