Steubenville Hearing: Smackdown On Nodi Tape Truthers

One of the most bizarre and persistent delusions created by the campaign of lies being spread by the Alexandria Goddard / Anonymous / LocalLeaks fable machine is the idea that the infamous video of Michael Nodianos is somehow a “confession” or that it has any evidentiary value whatsoever in the Steubenville rape case.

This notion was thoroughly laid to rest by the prosecution during yesterday’s hearing in Steubenville, which I attended. During discussion with the judge about the Nodianos video, one of the attorneys for the state of Ohio – remember, the people were making the case FOR the alleged victim – describe the video as inadmissible and irrelevant.

It’s a complete repudiation for anybody trying to claim that the crude jokes and outrageous statements made by Mr. Nodianos have a bearing on the legal case. They have none. Continuing to try to make that case does nothing whatsoever to help the alleged victim



  1. Black Betty

    WHAT???? They can’t use their propaganda tape?

    Well, at least they can always splice together some footage of Nodi’s comments and Frankie’s FaceBook chats. All backed with ultra-cool dance music, of course.

  2. Brian

    It isn’t needed with the testimony from those who were in the basement. As well as the pictures found on cell phones.

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