#KnightSec Encourages Theft, Fraud & Harassment Of Journalist

Writers, bloggers and reporters need to take not of this; #Knightsec, @KYAnonusmous and #OccupySteubenville hate free speech.

I came to Steubenville, like CNN and the AP, to cover the hearing yesterday in the Steubenville rape case. Members of #KnightSec – the group that started the lies about the case and the attack on Steubenville – decided to try to bully and intimidate me by releasing my hotel info on Twitter and suggesting people play immature pranks on me. They stole from local business by ordering pizza to be sent to me. The front desk called and at least one business was defrauded this way.

Anyone who values the First Amendment should be troubled by this. The goal is to shut down criticism and speech they don’t like



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