Frankie Francis Supporter Wants You To See This

I posted about a conversation that woman’s rights advocate Franke Francis aka #OccupySteubenville had posted publicly about a woman.


Well, convicted drug trafficker Francis — who has been trying to intimidate me while I’m visiting Steubenville — has his fans and supporters, too. One of them wants you to see this.


Do you think this makes Frankie’s public comments any less vile?



  1. Black Betty

    Well, there you go. He’s just an innocent gentlemen. You got it wrong this time, Mr. Stranahan.

    Ladies, we have a winner! Run right out and snag this one. He’s a convicted drug trafficker, unemployed and appears to have mysogynistic tendencies. But wait, there’s more. Apparently his criminal record doesn’t end there. If you act now, you can get the inside scoop on all those delicious details. Do we have an opening bid on a date with this bad boy?


    • Black Betty

      Ok, The bidding is closed. We are happy to report that a date with Mr. Francis was purchased for the astonishing price of $10! Not even we thought the bidding would go that high. An “anonymous” bidder, who owns a pig farm somewhere in the Appalachian region, snagged a date with Mr. Francis at the very last minute. Something about a “purdy mouth”.

      Oh well, Ladies…looks like a man won out on this one. Better luck next time. All proceeds will be donated to a charity of Mr. Francis’ choosing.

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