Steubenville Meeting To Discuss Combatting The Lies?

Let me know if there’s an interest in this…

I’ve been hearing from SO many people in Steubenville who are trying to figure out how to combat the dishonest attack on Steubenville but Anonymous, a few rouge bloggers and the media.

I think the solution is to fight the information war with MORE information and to that end, I’m suggesting a strategy session in Steubenville this Saturday to talk about specific ways to combat this. We’ll talk about setting up blogs and how to effectively write and publish to combat the lies that are you there. I have about 25 years experience in teaching people how to make video and I teach acclaimed courses on blogging.

Obviously, this would all be free of charge. I’ve had offers of a place to stay so I’m just trying to work out airfare. If anyone has frequent flyer miles on American, let me know.

What do you think? Again; I realize I’m an outsider but I believe I can help turn this situation around for everyone.


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