Podcast: The Attack On Steubenville

I talk about how the media, Anonymous and bloggers have done the story and the town wrong — and how to fight back.

[audio http://stran-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/The%20Attack%20On%20Stuebenville.mp3]

I mention in the podcast that I’m not a fan of Al Sharpton; read this story I reported about a horrific rape that Sharoton defended the rapists on. The people attacking Steubenville never seem to mention this story, for some reason.


One comment

  1. TheVision

    Thank You Mike, for your brave and diligent reporting on this case. I note that you mention that the NBC affiliate (WTOV-TV) in Steubenville hasn’t been very helpful(?) in your reporting the facts of this case. Might I suggest contacting the ABC/CBS affiliate WTRF-TV (Steubenville-Wheeling)? They have much more of an investigative edge to their news and MAY be more helpful.

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