Podcast: Steubenville 101

A half hour giving an overview of the Steubenville rape case story and how the media and Anonymous have gotten it totally wrong.



  1. Granny George

    Thank you for finally getting this out to the Nation…I am from this small town and just a few people have turned this good town into a swirling tornado of lies

  2. TruthSeeker05

    It is a disgrace what bloggers and the MSM has done with this story and the pain it has inflicted on this town. The harm they’ve caused can’t be undone. Let me be clear… If what the prosecution is alleging and these boys did take advantage of an inebriated female of the same age, they should be prosecuted and found guilty.

    However, this never should have been a story that gained state-wide notoriety, let alone national and even international attention. Thanks to a couple of no-name bloggers and their shocking ability to recruit a couple members of Anonymous and a couple journalists, it has exploded in a way that should have never been.

    Many young people’s lives will never be the same as a result, including the alleged victim. Furthermore, the city’s reputation may never be the same. And all because a couple of people were attention-starved and decided to weave an inflammatory (and totally false) story surrounding what happened.


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