Vile Misogynist Attack On Pro Steubenville Rally Organizer

Many of the people involved in the Steubenville rape case are good people who have a genuine concern about rape but are likely misinformed by other people with an agenda. On the other hand, some of the people are clearly using the story for their own purposes. And some – a few – are just cynical, sick and manipulative

Take the anonymous person who posted a very misogynist, sexually suggestive and rape-y article about one of the organizers of the pro-Steubenville rally last week. This is meant to intimidate and silence people trying to correct the record on the lies told about the town.




One comment

  1. Granny George

    This is disgusting to even write…she has children that she is protecting from all these idiots in my small hometown…I have family there also and I am so mad at all of this and at Alexandra Goddard…she is a loser

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