Steubenville Transcript: The Daily Mail’s “Two Other Victims” Theory

So, this is bizarre bit of testimony and I’m curious to see what you think in comments. Better yet, if anyone from Steubenville KNOWS what this is about send me a confidential email to

The Daily Mail claims that two other photos found on Anthony Craig’s phone indicate ‘two more victims!’.

EXCLUSIVE: Pictures found on cellphone show TWO MORE girls semi-naked and face down in basement where 16-year-old was ‘raped by Ohio school football stars’

  • Undated photographs were stored on cellphone belonging to friend of the Steubenville case accused Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays

  • Raises chilling possibility of two more, as yet unknown, victims

  • They show two girls, both face down and in a state of undress on distinctive carpet – strikingly similar to image taken in August of alleged victim

Craig starts by admitting he had more photos but unless I’m reading the transcript wrong, Craig clearly says he was sent the photos by the women and they don’t seem to be from the basement Then Ma’lik Richmond’s attorney should Craig two photos that Craig claims he has never seen but it seems to me the lawyer is implying the photos are of Jane Doe, whose real named I have redacted. There’a a lot of Objecting so it gets confusing at points.

None of this seems to indicate two new victims, unless by victim you mean ‘willing participant’. and assuming Craig isn’t lying.

d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6

Um. Well?



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