Steubenville & Team Kimberlin : 0 Degrees Of Separation

Note : if you haven’t been following the Team Kimberlin saga, this won’t make much sense. If you have, it’s fascinating.

As I’ve been covering the Steubenville story, I’ve been getting attacked relentlessly on Twitter by the same usual group of no accomplishment Team Kimberlin nobodies and their army of sock puppets. They harass anyone I talk to on Twitter, post vile slander about my family and have tried to get me fired.

Well, of course they are. Team Kimberlin is directly connected to the shenanigans in Steubenville. LocalLeaks — the site that has put out the false facts that Anonymous keeps promoting — has an attorney: Jay Leiderman.

That’s the same Jay Leiderman who represents Nadia Naffe in her suit against Patterico. The same Jay Leiderman who was introduced to Nadia Naffe by Neal Rauhauser. The same Jay Leiderman was Neal was trying to get Mike Stack to use to sue Patterico.

As the Atlantic Wire shows:

“Oh my gosh, does this make me nervous,” attorney Jay Leiderman told The Atlantic Wire in a phone interview. “This is a new frontier that we’re seeing here — we’ve seen what happened with WikiLeaks.” Leiderman added that LocalLeaks has informed him they are actually “holding back on some stuff until they verify it one way or another. The crew is working 24/7 to get things right.”

So, it’s obvious why I’m getting attacked by Team Kimberlin on my Steubenville reporting. It’s all one song. Same characters. Same tactics. Same attacks.


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