Steubenville Probable Cause Transcript : The Infamous Photo

One of the witnesses describes the now infamous photo, describing it as a ‘funny picture’ and saying that he told a detective that the accuser could walk and talk at the time it was taken.




  1. Anonymous Me

    Lee, thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into this. Many people will be surprised to hear and read the truth. Ms.Goddard has made up the details how she wanted this to be told. In doing so, she has incited many people into a lynching of some of the innocents. I witnessed her, Holly Briley, Michelle McKee bombard Anonymous with their lies. Trying to incite their group to become involved. The only one they could snag was Kyanonymous.

    What he accomplished was monumental to Alexandria Goddard. Through lies, slander and fear, he succeeded in getting the lawsuit against her dismissed. I watch one night while Kyanonymous and others frightened this one young man into such a state, I really felt like and he voiced, that he was desperate to clear his name and protect his family. It was apparent he was becoming suicidal. I cried for this young man’s fear and desperation. It was very difficult to witness and watch. Alexandria wanted everyone to believe she was being sued because she was reporting on the case. It was not. It was because of the lies she was telling about one young man and his parents. Never was her free speech the object of the lawsuit.

    I’m not sure your efforts will result in everyone acknowledging the lies perpetuated and put forth by these people. I think what they have done is not only defamation but downright criminal. I hope that they are held accountable for their actions. I pray that authorities are watching this. These people have ruined too many lives already. It’s got to stop. I’m sorry for the vile things they’ve said about you in an effort to intimidate and silence you. Please know there are many that support what you are doing now.

  2. Tready

    To piggy-back on Anonymous Me, it is clear to everyone who has been following this case since the beginning that Goddard is at the root of the misinformation campaign now being spewed far and wide, as if it represents the facts. I even read an interview done with her wherein she was gloating about her triumphs, and she said the minute she heard about the allegations and where it happened, she immediately knew it was football-related. She is originally from the area and anyone from the area knows of that town’s high school football team.

    I’ve seen several tweets, Shanahan, where you’ve wondered about why football is even an issue, because it truly has nothing to do with the case, aside from the two kids on trial being members of the team. It didn’t happen on school grounds nor while school was even in session. The charges were levied immediately upon the alleged crime being reported and they were harsher… Far harsher than was warranted, at least according to the only person with a deciding voice, an out-of-area judge. So, claims of lenience based on football are absurd.

    So, why the hyper-focus on football? It all stems from Goddard and the narrative she chose to spin from the outset. Same thing with the “corrupt town” aspect, which is also nonsensical in this case. So, while some in the media (I stress the word “some,” as in very few) are starting to wake-up and realize that the narrative which has permeated around this case have pointed to Anonymous or KnightSec or whomever else may be responsible for maliciously spreading falsehoods, the true origin of all this stuff starts with Goddard. Of course, the question is still ultimately “why.”

    Why did she go to these extreme lengths to demonize an entire city and a sports program? Those questions may never be answered. There are no questions about where they started, though.

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