Anonymous Related Site 4Chan Revealed #Steubenville Accuser’s Name And Photos

I’ve been researching the story of the Steubenville for days now. An Anonymous affiliated group called KnightSec inserted themselves into the story and even though they are taking credit for ‘uncovering’ the story, they have in fact helped to perpetuate a number of falsehoods about the case and stirred up a mob mentality.

And while they claim they are doing this ‘for the victim’, I’ve confirmed that it was users of the Anonymous related site who actually did the unthinkable – they released the full name of the accuser, photos of her and argued that she ‘deserved it’.

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to link to or quote from the site because as I complained about the George Zimmerman case months ago, providing too much information is tantamount to actually revealing the name.

It should be made clear, though, that other users of 4Chan argued strenuously for the obvious truth that the accuser didn’t ‘deserve’ anything but the fact that the accuser’s personal info and photos were released on 4Chan shows the problem with Anonymous culture — there’s no clear standard. It’s anarchy and therefore it can cut both ways.

As a leaderless movement, Anonymous can stand for anything. Their intimidation tactics are free floating and can defend Wikileak’s Julian Assange against rape accusations one moment, be silent on Occupy Wall Street rapes another moment, attack accused (but not convicted) rapists another, and reveal personal info of the alleged victims on another.

It just depends on who is behind the mask.



  1. wjjhoge

    While I was driving down to Tennessee last week, I wound up listening to a BBC arts program on a public radio station. The interviewee was Alan Moore, the creator of V for Vendetta and the Guy Fawkes mask appropriated by Anonymous. He pointed out that he had no problem with folks using the mask but that the rights are owned by AOL Time Warner, so that a giant corporation profits off the sales of the masks.

  2. Anonymous Me

    I’m fascinated reading the transcripts that you’ve provided. The actual truth presented in the courtroom vastly differs from the tale being told by many bloggers, twitters and various news agency. I had no idea that 4chan was even in the picture here. I first read the victims name from a twitter user @hollyshere. She eventually removed it and links to the pictures after someone apparently pointed out to her that it was very wrong of her. I know this because she posted OK that she had removed it. I was stunned, to say the least, when I saw she had made that information public.

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