Coming To A Road Near You: Cars That Drive & Park Themselves

Audi and Toyota / Lexus will be showing driverless cars at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show….

via C|Net:

An Audi representative also told the Journal that it would be demonstrating similar capabilities at CES 2013, including the ability to locate a parking spot and self-park without a human behind the wheel.

Like the autonomous research cars that Google has been testing since 2009, Toyota’s prototype Lexus LS 600h sports what appears to be a roof-mounted laser used to guide the vehicle. It also features radar and camera equipment used to navigate streets without a driver behind the wheel.

Here’s a tease video — but be warned, it’s short and therefore not much of tease. More of a teasette.

Google has been working on a driverless car for a while and it’s even been licensed in Nevada. Here’s video someone shot a week ago of the driverless car on the highway….

I’ve lost eyesight due to diabetes to the point where I don’t drive, so I’m excited as heck about this. I don’t have any good reason to believe that people are safer drivers than a well-designed and tested automated driver. Bring on the future!

What do you think?


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