OMG! Imagine If You Saw The Aeroscraft Flying Over Your House


originalhis isn’t a sci-fi design; this puppy is going to be a real thing and could be in the air in a couple of months. It’s the Aeroscraft and it’s going to scare the pee out of anyone who’s listened to a lot of Art Bell and hasn’t been sufficiently warned that the Aeroscraft was built on Planet Earth. It’s not a plane or blimp but some sort of blimp-plane-helium powered techo-magic flying machine gizmo that can be gigantic  For example, check out this video from the company that shows how it can hold helicopters and tank.

To repeat: it could hold multiple helicopters and tanks.


Apparently, it has FAA approval; no, you still can’t use your iPad while taxing on a runway but the giant blimp-plane that holds tanks is ready to take to the skies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

If you’re feeling left out because you don’t own a tank, Aeroscraft isn’t just for military excursions.. As Gizmodo is quick to salivate, it also could be used to take a vacation in the air:


Civilian versions would be able to offer air cruises at any altitude. Just like a cruise ship but over land. Imagine taking the most awesome trip over a three or four days, from New York to San Francisco, slowly flying over the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains, watching the incredible scenery while sipping on a cocktail or comfortably having dinner in a restaurant with huge glass windows. Then, at night, you sleep in your comfortable room.



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