Secrets of Shooting People

Photography is now ubiquitous. We’re in the age of the smartphone, where most people are carrying around a camera at all times. Has the Instagram era helped people get better at making images? Or are they just a lot more of them?


Brian Smith is a Pulitzer Prize winning, Miami based photographer who has shot for newspapers, magazines and now focuses on portrait photography. He’s the author of Secrets of Great Portrait Photography: Photographs of the Famous and Infamous and in this one hour webinar that was put out by he shares some of those secrets.

The great thing is that most of them aren’t at all technical and don’t cost a thing. For example, Smith talks about the importance of quickly getting to know someone and getting them conformable. (When asked about shooting religious mystics in India where there was a language barrier, Smith says “I smile a lot.”) He also says that getting the right location can make a huge difference and that a photographer is better off shooting for a half hour in a great location than snapping photo after photo for an hour with a nothing backdrop.

This webinar is full of interesting stories and wisdom; your chance to spend an hour getting advice from a master photographer, free.

Secrets of Great Portrait Photography with Brian Smith from on Vimeo.


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