In 2013: Less Politics, More Creativity & Cool Technology

I’ve been mulling over my focus for the new year for a couple of weeks now and one of the changes I want to make is focusing my personal blogging less on politics and more on things that I think will help YOU (yes, you) be more successful and happy in 2013 – creativity, technology and how they impact your life and work.

I’m not dropping politics. In fact, it’s my day job; I write about it for Breitbart News and I’ll certainly be talking about here to some extent. Since I write about politics so much, I want to shift things a little on my own blog.

After a fairly brutal 2012, I think the way people can best improve their own lives is use the incredible and affordable tech available to everyone today to be more creative and independent. This is a lifelong interest of mine since I owned at my first computer – a TRS-80 Model 1 – back in 1979 and used it for electronic music, animation and writing. I look forward to showing you how to use tech to make the stuff you dream about on a regular basis and as always, look forward to your comment.


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