Video of Crowder At Lansing Protests Shows He Was Stalked By Attacker

Steven Crowder had released new raw video from the 12/11 Lansing, Michigan protests against right-to-work legislation — including an unedited section surrounding the altercation he was in with a union member — and it makes it clear that the man who assaulted Crowder has been trailing him at the event prior to the altercation. The man who punched Crowder, identified by his jacket as “Tony”, is seeing repeatedly being backed off by a union “Peace Team”member as he aggressively stalks Crowder, who appears to be having  mostly civil disagreements with Union protestors.

The video makes it clear how aggressive the union protestors were in general. Although some of the union Peace Team members are clearly trying to hold the mob at bay, ultimately the effort failed as the fleeful union goons demolished the Americans for Prosperity tent with people inside.

The new video is important because it destroys the left’s counter narrative that that the Lansing attacks didn’t happen, that the union mob wasn’t to blame or that Crowder himself was the aggressor.


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