Something About Race The Liberal Press Won’t Tell You

I’m up in Lansing, Michigan where I’ve been covering the demonstrations. I posted a ton of stuff including videos and photos on yesterday and I’ll be doing a round up here on this blog later. It’s been an amazing experience and I have a lot of material but I want to point out something that I noticed here that the MSM is going to ignore…

The people that destroyed the Americans For Prosperity tent yesterday? That was pretty much all angry, entitled white dudes.

The people that camped out at Occupy Wall Street because they were so mad about the economy? Pretty much all the angry, entitled children of white dudes.

In other words: the Black Bloc isn’t black.

There are a lot of reasons for this but I do think that one of them comes down to entitlement. We talk all the time about an entitlement mentality and that is exactly what you’re seeing with the union guys trying to hold on to things that no longer apply in our current economy or to the college grads of the Occupy movement resentment when they lear that that getting a piece of paper from an Ivy League institution equals a good income. The world owes them; that’s how they feel and frankly, part of why they feel that way is because they are white. That’s where the anger comes from. If they world owes ANYBODY, it’s them.

The left has actually exploited this white entitlement mindset brilliantly. What d0 a 23-year-old English Literature major and a 46 year old carpenter have in common? Gee, they are both part of the ’99 percent’. That’s what they tell themselves because the League Of Pissed Off Entitled White People takes too long to chant.

Race is not the only factor. Duh. DUH, I repeat. And one look at Occupy Oakland shows the black militant strain is alive and kicking. Further, I could and will write about how concepts of political correctness and White Guilt play into the liberal game plan. Those things are all true.

But there is something worth noting here, so I noted it.


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