Weighing My Options On The Kimberlin Saga

Like many people, I was taken aback by yesterday’s decision in the Walker v. Kimberlin, Rauhauser and Brynaet lawsuit.

I’ll be honest: I’m weighing my options about how to proceed in my writing and discussion of this topic.

First off, I side 100% with Aaron Walker, Pat Frey, Mandy Nagy, R.S. McCain, Heather Chase and the other people who have been harassed, falsely accused, lied about, threatened, and worse by what I refer to as Team Kimberlin.

The people doing the attacking as worse than just bad people. I tweeted this today and I mean it:

I don’t use the term evil lightly. They are mental deranged, morally corrupt and dangerous. Some of them are convicted criminals and as I said yesterday, need to be dealt with as such. 

So my question is: how best to deal with them?

And one conclusion is that they are poison, so the best move for me might be to literally go cold turkey and stop any discussion, writing, talking or anything about them. Cut them out of my life. Will they keep attacking me? Of course. But so far, they have tried and failed to get me fired, shunned and arrested. None of the attacks on me and my family have worked to any large degree. Yes, they have caused pain and suffering and extra expense but really, they have failed to do the damage they so desperately want to do to me and others.

So, I’m thinking about what to do. Your thoughts welcome in comments.


One comment

  1. Susan

    Like you, I hate to see people harrassed by low-lives. But I have no advice to give–if it gives you any comfort I didn’t get the complete life-handbook when I was born either. Take a break for the holidays and count your blessings. They can’t match that.

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