Why Do @Karoli & @CrooksAndLiars Link To Sting O’Keefe Had Nothing To Do With?

Writer @Karoli doesn’t like James O’Keefe, not one little bit. Nope. She calls his campaigns ‘evil’. Including his campaigns against Planned Parenthood.

Nadia Naffe was once an associate of James O’Keefe’s. She was recruited to play whatever role he could cook up in his latest frame scheme of the day, funded by his billionairesthrough his recently approved non-profit organization. You can see more examples of his duplicitous skulduggery herehere,here and here. Those do not include the evil he did to ACORN, NPRMedicaid providersPlanned ParenthoodAbbie Boudreau and Shirley Sherrod, which are particularly insidious.

Patterico has a theory that people on the left don’t actually click the links.

The link to Planned Parenthood that Karoli posts? Go ahead. Click it  It links to an NPR story about a Live Action sting that James O’Keefe wasn’t involved in.

The story makes it 100% clear he wasn’t involved. See? Right up top. Can’t miss it.

Correction:Feb. 1, 2011

An earlier version of this post stated Live Action was associated with James O’Keefe. They are not, and O’Keefe was not a part of this undercover video.

@Karoli is an awful, dishonest writer. Two links so far in that piece have NOTHING to do with O’Keefe. That’s called a lying smear.

But O’Keefe DID work with Lila Rose on ‘stings’ of Planned Parenthood. Here’s one he did and what Planned Parenthood does is so morally reprehensible that it actually defies explanation. In this video, the O’Keefe asks if he can make a donation that went specifically to fund abortions for black babies. Think about that. And then watch in horror as the Planned Parenthood person agrees that the funds can be earmarked specifically to abort black babies. Whatever your position on abortion, this is beyond the pale.

There’s something evil here. And it ain’t James O’Keefe.

Retracton, Crooks and Liars?


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